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DropBox Integration with Salesforce

DropBox Integration

Q.  What is the purpose of using Dropbox?

Dropbox is a home for all your work. You can store and share files, collaborate on projects, and bring your best ideas to life—whether you’re working alone or with colleagues and clients. With Dropbox, all your files are backed up to the cloud and available online.

Q. How to create a DropBox Account.

     For Creating DropBox Account follow the steps:

         Step 1 : Go through the Link https://www.dropbox.com

         Step 2 : Click on the Sign Up button and create a

                    DropBox  account with your gmail. 

Q. How to Create an App in DropBox ?

     To Create App in DropBox :

          Step 1 : Go through the Link  


          Step 2 : Click on the Create app button .

          Step 3 : Choose all options as I mentioned below.

Add a name for your app then click on Create app button.

Step 4 : Now from the permission tab you need to give 

              permission to your app.

Step 5 : Inside the permission tab scroll down and select

                      files.metadata.write, files.content.write, 


Step 6 : Click on submit button 

Here you can see your App key & App secret :

Step 7 : To generate access token click on Generate button as 

               shown below :

Step 7 : Copy the access token for later use:

Q. How to Integrate Salesforce with DropBox using

     Http callout service. 

To Integrate Salesforce with DropBox, Follow the steps given below : 

   Step 1 : Create a DropBox Account .

   Step 2 : Create App and generate access token then save it for later 


   Step 3 : Create an apex class and make a http callout through class 

                 by using access tokens . 

           For creating single file, Use End Point :


           For creating multiple files, Use End Point :


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